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Danos Development was established to deliver a premier design, build, and customer service experience you won’t find elsewhere. The unique partnerships with builders not only allows each company to concentrate 100% on their area of expertise, but also provides the client with unparalleled, concierge style service throughout the process.

Building or renovating a home can be stressful, confusing, and frustrating. This is where Danos Development comes in- with no price increase or additional fee to the client. We deliver a custom home business model that provides the absolute gold standard in each vital area of the construction process: customer service, customer experience, finance, design, and build out.

We have personally experienced the building process as a client, which was the motivation to launch a customer service driven development company. There was a great need to bridge the gap between the client and the builder, and provide guidance in all phases of the building process.

We want to change the process of home building and provide a customer experience that truly delivers what is promised.


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