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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are licensed and and we can provide validity at any and all times.


How do you compare yourself to other builders? What are the most important benefits of the homes you build?

The biggest difference is we construct every home personally and are on the job site overseeing all phases of the construction process.


What type of new home warranty do you offer?

We adhere to the Louisiana new home warranty act.


Can you provide references from prior home buyers?

Yes, we have multiple references we are happy to provide. 


What standard features do your homes include? What options and upgrades can I select?

Each and every home we build is 100% customizable so there are no specific ‘standards’. We will recommend features to your home that will give it the best future resale value of your new home.


Do you offer specification sheets of the intended materials to be used in a home build or remodel? Will you be able to supply me with samples or showcase them?

We will go over all materials used and upon the home buyers' request we can provide specific examples.


Do you offer the ability to work on an ‘allowance system’ rather than adhering to a ‘package deal’?

We offer both options.


How and when can I make changes or upgrades before and during construction?

In the event that there are changes to the design or unforeseen conditions  that result in extra cost, a change order will be provided and an estimate of the change will be provided asap.


How long do you anticipate the construction of this project will take? 

Six months from contract being signed.  


Do you use certain subcontractors on a consistent basis, and can you provide me with a list?

Yes, we use several consistent groups of subcontractors. We only add more when we see their quality is up to the Danos Development standards. All subcontractors are insured and proof is required.


How often will I have access to the home during the building process?

The homeowner will have full access to the home at all times.


What is your inspection process at key points of construction, at final walk-through, and to address any matters that need to be corrected or finalized?

We have a thorough inspection process throughout all phases of construction and we will monitor them throughout. Milestones and key points will be provided in a step by step guide.


Who will oversee the construction of my home? Who should I contact with any questions I may have?

This is what separates our company from other builders. We are truly accessible at any point and your builder will be on the job every week.

May I meet the project manger or project superintendent who will be supervising my project on a daily basis?

Yes, the builder is available at any point during the construction of the home as requested, and there are key milestones along the way for meetings. 


How will questions and concerns be addressed during construction?

The client can contact Heath or the builder anytime during and after the construction process.


How do you service your warranty once construction is complete?

The homeowner can contact us at anytime after the construction process. The warranty is as per the Louisiana New Home warranty Act. 

After build, do you do any inspections or "touch up" reviews to fix any small things (e.g., nail pops, cracks)?

We do a very thorough and detailed punch list before the home is  completed.


Traditionally, how accurate have your original estimates been against final costs?

We offer a ‘turn key estimate’/‘flat fee’ for the entire job. We have never missed the contracted/agreed upon job cost. If changes are requested by the homeowner, a change order ever is produced.


What means and methods will you use to determine the exact cost of a home?

A budget sheet file will be provided after the contract is signed and will be  given to the homeowner. Each part of the home is priced based on the 'sticks and bricks’ and we only charge for exactly what is required.


How and when will the final price for my home be determined?

Three weeks from the selection of the lot and floor plan, there will be a total estimate cost of the home.


How would they apportion the homeowner’s budget?

Every homeowner and situation is very different. Generally, 20% lot/70%  home/10% yard is recommended.


What is the financing process? Do they have any lender recommendations?

 We have existing relationships with a several banks in the New Orleans Metro area and depending on the specific needs of the client, we will match them up with a few lender options that are perfect for their situation. We have one time close and two time close options available.  

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